Student Lockdown @Bonaccordaberdeen

Student lockdown queue

Tuesday 27th September marked the Shopping day of the year for Students in Aberdeen. The Bon Accord Centre held a Student only event that welcomes new and returning students to the ultimate shopping experience, 20% off their shopping for one night only.


Students started queueing at the entrances from 4pm before the doors opened at 6:30pm, they were cold but excited to get in and start shopping. The first 300 shoppers received a Bon Accord gift card loaded with a money value of up to £100, I received a £10 gift card and I couldn’t wait to scope out the shops to see what I could put it towards, I ended up with a gorgeous leather bag from Oasis and it was only £22!

Bon Accord Gift Card, Student Lockdown
Bon Accord Gift Card, Student Lockdown

The students flooded in at 6:30pm and the music from The Garage Nightclub was blasting around the centre, giving it a party atmosphere along with the Photobooth and Bouncy Castle!! All around the centre there were different things happening, free sushi, university challenge and smoothies from The Juice Bar. And then there was the shopping……..

Topshop had just launched a new trend at the front of the store, burgundy, animal print, metallics and black. What can I say!! All my fav pieces and colours together in one place, amazing! There was one leopard sequin dress that I couldn’t walk past, it was calling my name and it was only £59!

Topshop Leopard Print Dress.
Topshop Leopard Print Dress.

Everywhere was busy, but it seemed to me the students were most interested in Topshop, Newlook, Office Shoes and River Island, all of these stores were queued for miles waiting to pay, I took the time to chat with some of the students in the queue, getting an idea of what they were purchasing, some were after basics like Denim, Handbags, Coats and Shoes, while others were caught up in the frenzy and were buying arms full of gear for every upcoming occasion. What I do know is that all the students got a bargain that they will be super happy with.

Arms full of product
Arms full of product

The evening went on until 9pm and with all of what was happening around the centre there were still loads of Students soaking up the vibe and enjoying the moment. The Bon Accord was the place to be.

I will be sharing in future posts some of the fab items available in the stores i’ve mentioned and what is worth buying to hit all the current trends.

Happy Shopping!

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